The ancient Aztec Indian tribes used to grind marigold leaves as a treatment for sick children. This symbol of healing became the inspiration for Marigold Charitable Trust.

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Marigold Charitable Trust was established in 2005 by Beverly Marram and Dr. Herb Goldberg.

It was their dream to create a foundation committed to making a positive difference in the lives of young children (0-12 years old) who suffer the damaging effects of emotional, psychological, physical and /or sexual abuse. Marigold's mission is to provide funding for concrete services and resources that are essential elements in helping children heal from violence and abuse. When there is no other way to pay for services critical to a child's growth and development, Marigold is there to help.

2016 marked the 10th year of charitable giving with numerous accomplishments and reasons to be proud. Since Marigold’s inception we have supported more than 1500 children and funded over 2000 child requests.  During that time, Marigold has awarded more than $1.6 million to help young abused children and prevent child sexual abuse. 

Over the years, there have been many lessons learned from our Marigold Partners about the complexity of trauma, its multiple contributing factors and the value of parent-child work in treatment and sexual abuse prevention.  Research and discussion has led Marigold to direct its mission toward focusing on the youngest children (0-8 years old) who suffer from severe and enduring trauma.  It sparked our interest in the funding of trauma-informed, evidence-based best practices that can make the most profound and measurable impact on a traumatized child's life.  It is our intention to increase our funding of sexual abuse prevention and early intervention initiatives with high risk children in order to break the vicious cycle of physical and sexual abuse. 


"The Marigold support for our Sensory Motor Arousal Regulation Treatment program has allowed a completely innovative melding of high quality trauma intervention practice with therapeutic understanding and response to the needs of very young children, helping prevent later difficulties in their lives."

Paul Creelan, Ph.D, LICSW, Preschool Outreach Program, The Home for Little Wanderers